Leading the way into innovation has always been part of Mappi’s DNA.

We are proud to present to you the new Supertemper technology, a technological innovation implemented to give glass processors the maximum flexibility in glass processing, but also to allow many to penetrate the niche market of fire-resistant glass with extreme ease, through the use of a single tempering furnace and respecting the quality standards that have always distinguished MAPPI in its field.

SUPERTEMPER technology consists of an addition to the tempering process, which makes the glass fire resistant, making it reach surface tensions higher than the European quality standards that correspond to 160 Mpa. It is a new technology developed internally by our engineers after years of investment in R&D, and today is a registered trademark. The strong point of this technology is that it is applicable to all MAPPI furnaces.

The Supertemper is a simply amazing innovation. Looking at the needs of the customers, this time we have gone beyond what is the tempering process. Without a shadow of a doubt this will be an innovation that will change the glass market, as we have never before seen such ease in the transformation from clear glass to fire glass. It will also allow many customers to expand their business opportunities, empowering them to enter into new markets through this technology.

Also for this new innovation, of course, we have respected our corporate responsibility, which is to achieve the highest quality with minimum energy waste. Our plus points, just like us, are at your service every day.