Mappi International states that all activities in Italy proceed at normal pace:

• Production and delivery of orders continue to follow the normal timeframe;
• Factory can be reached, all roads are open and can be used by trucks;
• Carriers can load and unload (in compliance with the safety instructions prepared by the Company for entrance to the facilities);
• Procurement of raw materials is regular, and stocks ensure us of an adequate safety margin.

All the Companies in the Group (Italy and US) and all employees adhere to the guidelines laid down by the Ministry of Health and the WHO concerning the precautions to be taken, as well as indications supplied by Confindustria.

Mappi is in constant contact and collaboration with local and national public authorities to maintain safety levels at the maximum.

Some preventive measures have been increased, as indicated by the Italian Health Authorities:

• Deep sanitation of offices, facilities and common areas;
• Rigorous checks of access areas for external suppliers, drivers etc;
• Meeting, courses, and business trips reduced to the minimum;
• Maximization of teleconferencing, Skype meetings;
• Maximization of on-line home working.

Business as usual.