Window Creations about Mappi tempering furnaces: “Producing a superior product”.

Window Creations Architectural Glass Division from Ottoville, Ohio, USA, is leading the art glass industry in innovation and technology. It’s a multi-generational studio that has been working with glass for three decades, moving forward in technology by purchasing the best equipment available. Window Creations recently decided to add tempering to their glass capabilities. They choose a ATS Mappi tempering furnace, 1800x3000mm. Let’s hear their opinion about Mappi, tempering and the glass market evolution.

“We knew we wanted a machine that could grow with our company. We felt Mappi fit that need since it could be turned off when not in use. We specialize in highly customized pieces of printed glass for the specialty glass market.” Mr Reggie Buehrer said.

How did your decision-making process go? How did your path of choice go?

“We first heard about Mappi after doing a search on the internet for tempering furnaces, we then talked with other machinery vendors to inquire who they would recommend. The final decision however came after speaking directly with some of Mappi’s customers, and meeting with Nancy and Ermanno.“

And now what do you expect?

“Having a Mappi tempering furnace will allow us to take our glass projects from conception to finished product all in house. This furnace will save time, produce a superior product, give us the ability to do larger jobs and increase our sales. It also opens up manufacturing capabilities to produce tempered glass for others in our area to meet the increased demand.”

Who is your typical customer?

“We have been designing, fabricating and installing stained glass for over 30 years in churches, residential and commercial environments. Around four years ago we added digital ceramic printing to our traditional glass painting capabilities and found we could offer higher quality and greater detail for less cost than traditional means. While the paints can be baked into the glass using kilns, we found tempering the glass produced superior results, and also made it much stronger.”

In these years, in your opinion, has the customer’s demand for quality increased?
“It is always important to continue to change with the times especially when technology can assist with more competitive options. We are not your typical stained glass studio, we have a 44,000 square foot facility with many CNC machines to assist in extremely high quality and precision manufacturing.”