The history of Tecnoglass begins in 1963. Year after year it invests in technologies, skills, innovations. Today his specialization is in the production of laminated, tempered and insulating glass.

At the center of the Tecnoglass manufacturing process is the tempering furnace. This role has recently been occupied by a very modern Mappi Ats 4.0 2500×5000, which has joined a Mappi Lammiflex 2500 laminating machine, and which fits well into a production chain that collects some of the best examples of technology applied to glass processing.

Regarding his selection criteria Marco Sardano of Tecnoglass says: “I am convinced that his destiny depends on the choices of an entrepreneur, which is why I always paid the utmost attention both to the choice of the collaborators and the machinery and equipment. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that the ideal tempering furnace was produced a few kilometers from my company headquarters. It is ideal because it guarantees a constant quality that is always higher than what the most stringent standards require, it is ideal because it allows me to create perfect glasses both from an optical and functional point of view”.

“There is one thing that impressed me perhaps more than others in this machine: it is that it represents the perfect portrait of the company that conceived and produced it, and that I learned to know and appreciate”. “In Ats 4.0 there is all Mappi: there is the ability to take care of people, because it is an absolutely user friendly machine, just as the whole Mappi has taken care of us in every occasion; there is the ability to look to the future, today ready to overcome the quality challenges that will come tomorrow, thanks also to the perfect integration with the most modern technologies of Industry 4.0 and with Siemens’ MindSphere “.

“My choice, and Tecnoglass’s, is a choice that made in the present will accompany us in the future”.