Mappi appointed Glassmak as new representative for the Polish market

CAG, the leader of glass façades in South East Asia chooses Mappi to continue growing

Mappi and Tecnoglass: a story made of rigorous choices and a shared passion for excellence

CAG, the leader of glass façades in South East Asia chooses Mappi to continue growing

MAPPI and Formator, a partnership born under the sign of excellence

CAG, the leader of glass façades in South East Asia chooses Mappi to continue growing

Vitralum Glass Solutions: Mappi is our partner of perfection

CAG, the leader of glass façades in South East Asia chooses Mappi to continue growing

MAPPI doesn’t stop

Mappi International states that all activities in Italy proceed at normal pace:

CAG, the leader of glass façades in South East Asia chooses Mappi

CAG, the leader of glass façades in South East Asia chooses Mappi to continue growing

Bel Pre Glassworks: Two is Better Than One

It is not a novelty or rare case for those who choose a Mappi furnace, never go back! As a matter of fact, they come back to Mappi as soon as they can take a second one. This happened with Bel Pre Glassworks, a leader in the flat glass industry from 1974. 

In 2012 they choose a Fox 1500 3200 Eco Convection, the compact machine in Mappi range of products, but also the clear example of our new technologies, construction quality of Mappi tempering furnaces, superior glass quality, reduced energy consumption, and minimized downtime due to furnace setup, ignition and shutdown .

In these years, Bel Pre has continued its path to excellence, establishing itself as the leader in the area of Washington for the production of tempered flat glass, setting the trend in designer glass.

Now Bel Pre has chosen Mappi again to continue its growth: a new ATS 4.0 2500 4200 Xtreme Profile Convection found a place a few meters from the Fox that still remain in the family.

Let’s hear from the Bel Pre Glass Family:
“As a family-operated business, we care greatly about our employee’s and our customers. These are our two main concerns. With that in mind, we have continually looked for ways to improve, to meet the needs of our customers & to stay current. We’re happy to have Mappi as a partner, not only a supplier, because we have found that they have the same philosophy & the same respect for the customer. Mappi understood our need and showed us that the most important component of a furnace is not only the steel and the high-end electronics but the deep knowledge of the tempering process as well as the passion & desire to be better. Mappi continues to focus on this goal just as we do.“

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Clinton Glass Company & Mappi, a partnership for absolute excellence

When a Glass Company believes in absolute quality; a full in house production is a clear choice. And when two companies with the same in house philosophy meets the outcome is spontaneous a strong partnership and deep cooperation. This is the story of Mappi and Clinton Glass Company.
Both Companies are convinced that if you want to pursue excellence in your job you can’t leave to the others part of your job, this is one of the reasons for the Clinton’s choice to buy a ATS ECO 2200 x 3800.
Mappi has a in-house production for all it’s products, without subcontracting, from design to assistance only Mappi personnel will take care of you.
Clinton Glass, is the only frameless shower company in East Tennessee that has it´s own fabrication facility. They temper and fabricate shower doors in-house the only way to maintain the highest standard possible.
Clinton is a family owned business, has served the greater Knoxville Area since 1957 and is the area’s number 1 supplier of frameless shower door. Their conveniently located West Knoxville showroom offers 17 full-size shower displays. Friendly and knowledgable staff, take advantage of the free in-home estimates, and experience their professional and courteous installation crews.
“We produce high quality glass from 30 years, thanks to Mappi we can do it with significant energy and costs savings. We were very impressed by MHS – Multizone Heating System and the Heating removal chamber, 2 great highlights that make the difference in our everyday work” says Greg Stowell Clinton’s owner.
“We want to thank Mappi not only for this great machinery, but also for the great team, I have purchased a lot of machinery over the years, and its not the quality of the machine although top notch, it is Mappi Support Staff that is the very best in the industry.” Says Mr.Stowell

Let’s discover them:

A furnace for tempering produce heat, but this is nothing if it is not accompanied by the skill to manage in the best way possible: this determines glass functional qualities, consumption and productivity of the system.
Finely controlled heating zones, insure thermal and energy efficiency
– Wire resistance controlled by static relay with pulse “train”
– Every heating element is equipped with an independently managed thermocouple
– Wire heating resistance made with special alloy, that is weldable
– Heating zones ‘movable’ (because they are interchangeable) in case of emergency
– If the resistors in one zone burns out it is still possible to continue production

Mappi is the only tempering producer that has this features for a much easier maintenance and better finish product quality.
The fact that there is no more need to remove the roller to have access to the lower heating chamber in case in necessary, it also have a deep impact on the quality.
Roller removal it’s always a risky operation especially in reference of putting again the rollers in the exact micrometric position.

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