Mappi and Responsibility:


We could find our Social Responsibility in the stubborn desire to reduce energy consumption, which we all know to be very high in an activity such as tempering glass; we find it in the progressive abandonment of techniques and materials that are harmful to the environment in favor of cutting-edge, certified and durable materials and components, which produce minimal waste; in the development of process control techniques that not only minimize consumption, but also avoid the formation of defects in the tempered glass, in order to avoid waste.

We love glass, we want to learn from its transparency, not only in respect of the environment, but also of our customers.

For this we at Mappi have adopted a Corporate Responsibility organization, management and control model that aims to prevent low infringement committed in the interest or to the advantage of the company.

In order for the practical and daily effectiveness of this organizational model to be maximum, Mappi has developed a specific training program for all staff, in line with Mappi’s desire to provide the best possible service to each customer, at every stage of the relationship, from the first contacts, to the supply of the product, to after-sales assistance.

If there is a law that has always governed the relationship between Mappi and its Client, it is the belief that “The Client is King”. Above all, this means that it must be treated in the way that a King deserves, with the utmost respect, offering him the best products, the most accurate assistance, the greatest possible protection from any misconduct.

Mappi Corporate Responsibility policy is made up of an organic set of principles, rules, provisions regarding the management and control of each corporate process.

In Mappi its full implementation is guaranteed and supported thanks to the improvement of company procedures, staff training and the performance of specific control programs. In this regard, a Supervisory Body had been appointed with autonomous powers of initiative and control.

In compliance with the reporting procedures provided for by Model 231, here is the link that allows you to contact the Supervisory Body via email:

At this link it is possible to consult Mappi’s Model 231. (link to pdf)

At this link it’s possible to consult Mappi’s Code of Ethics. (link to pdf)