Every Mappi furnace has among its key strengths flexibility, ease of use, and optimal management of energy consumption. All this is possible thanks to the extensive as well as intensive use of electronics, which poses increasingly ambitious challenges.

Today, the new challenge is optimizing the integration between the machine and the entire production cycle, in a way that goes beyond the boundaries of Industry 4.0.

Of course, as anyone dealing with modern technology knows, every “door” through which thousands of pieces of information pass can become a potential threat. And so, even in what might seem like the furthest thing from glass hardening, the race for innovation and security is on, given the great increase in cyber attacks.

Mappi has always been attentive to the security of its customers and has decided to invest its research in Edge Computing, an emerging computing paradigm that refers to a range of networks and devices at or near the user. Edge is about processing data closer to where it is generated, enabling processing at higher speeds and volumes, leading to greater action-driven results in real time, and allowing you to have your data in house therefore with greater security.

We have called MEC – MAPPI EDGE COMPUTING our enhancement package, developed in partnership with Siemens.

For the first time a tempering furnace is capable of joining easily and reliably, and able to bring together efficiency, control, planning, data security, and speed of response.

This does not preclude, however, the possibility of using all or part of the data in the Cloud so that it can be exchanged with other systems or ERPs. This system involves the use of more data, faster processing and, with the help of artificial intelligence, the ability to perform predictive checks on the machine.


MEC optimizes workflows, makes the best use of production capacity, produces more and without wasting time and resources


MEC chooses the parameters for the best glass quality, and then compares them with tempered glass: the system learns and acts, in a process of continuous improvement.


MEC measures energy consumption accurately and continuously, to know how much has been consumed and how to improve performance.


MEC, thanks to a network of sensors, checks the areas subject to maintenance and warns in advance if there is a need to intervene, avoiding problems and machine downtime.