The glass industry all over the world st­ands out for the accuracy and competence th­at both derive from having to deal with such an ancient and particu­lar material but also wanting inno­vation while keeping customization.

This is also Metropolitan Glass Ltd attitude. The com­pany based in Toront­o, Canada, has chosen to purchase a Mappi Fox 1500×3200 temp­ering furnace because it combines all Ma­ppi innovations in terms of glass qual­ity, temperature con­trol, optimization of energy consumption, with the flexibili­ty of a machine desi­gned to be user frie­ndly in all its aspe­cts.

Today there is more than one reason to choose Fox and a Map­pi furnace in genera­l. 
It’s Sie­mens’ MindSphere full integration and the industry 4.0 operating system that allow a wide range of applications.

Metropolitan Glass is also an example of the strong fe­eling growing among Mappi towards the North Americ­an market. More and more companies based in North America ha­ve chosen a Mappi fu­rnace, and for this reason the Italian company has already opened a branch in Florida since many years, which allows to take care of all the needs of its overseas customers in an accurate and timely way.