Vitralum Glass Solutions is a “Frameless Glass Specialist” company in Central Florida, Orlando’s top pick with expert designers, prodigious architectural firms and successful construction companies, as well as thousands of home owners who have purchased from the company over the years.
This success has three main ingredients: Customer satisfaction as a top priority; the highest quality materials; the only company that fabricates its own glass in Central Florida.

The center of the Vitralum production system is the tempering furnace, essential to ensure quality and innovation of every glass sheet. Today the tempering furnace chosen by Vitralum is a Mappi Ats 4.0 Eco Convection 2500×4200, a state of art machine that guarantees best quality, energy saving and, last but not least, user friendly interface. It’s an Ats 4.0 new generation, and as every new Mappi furnace, it is the first in glass industry to be “Powered by Siemens”, ready for Siemens MindSphere and for all new surprising features of Industry 4.0 technologies.

Mr. Eliben Morelos of Vitralum says “Our mission is crave excellence and our goal is to become the best company in our trade at national level and internationally recognized.

In Mappi we have found a partner, that not only shares the same ambition, but day by day, acts to reach this result. We are very happy for us and for all customers!”