US Glass magazine announced that Mappi International has won the 2020 Readers’Choice Award for Machinery – Tempering Equipment with Industry 4.0 Tempering solutions, now enhanced with “Powered by Siemens” improvements.

Nancy Mammaro, CEO of Mappi, said: “It’s our 4th in a row Readers’s Choice Award, and we are very excited to receive it. We consider it an achievement for our industry 4.0 technologies, but above all a signal of trust by our customers and by the entire glass industry”.

This year the glass industry has shown great reactivity and for this reason the award to Mappi has even a greater value. An element that made the difference towards Mappi is the ability, confirmed again this year, to see the overall of glassworks , demonstrating that the tempering furnace is not only the heart of the entire workflow, but also the engine driving force, and stands out for its ability to set new standards in quality and productivity of the tempering process. The integration with Siemens MindSphere, together with the entire production management and planning system, the increasingly refined ability to minimize energy consumption and requirements, are just some of the innovations that customers all over the world have most appreciated.

“An award focuses on a moment. We never stand still, we are already working to achieve new goals in quality of tempered glass, containment of energy consumption, simplicity of use, integration of the tempering machine in the entire workflow of the company. Stay tuned!”.