MAPPI launches SUPERTEMPER™ and opens a new frontier in hi-end glass tempering.

Mappi begins 2021 in the same way in which it conducted 2020: proposing concrete innovations, capable of making its customers’ ability to offer new products of the highest quality, excellent under every standard.

MAPPI sempre più azienda Digital

Mappi partecipa al progetto cofinanziato dall’Unione Europea a sostegno dei processi di digitalizzazione delle imprese del Lazio “DIGITAL IMPRESA LAZIO”, inserito nel POS FESR Lazio 2014-2020.

Another successful installation of a Mappi tempering furnace!

In the north of Italy another ATS 4.0 is near ready to start, to temper every day high quality glass. A state of the art tempering furnace it’s undergoing at Somec. Stay tuned for more news!

Another successful installation of a Mappi furnace in North America

The glass industry all over the world st­ands out for the accuracy and competence th­at both derive from having to deal with such an ancient and particu­lar material but also wanting inno­vation while keeping customization.

Mappi and Tecnoglass: a story made of rigorous choices and a shared passion for excellence

The history of Tecnoglass begins in 1963. Year after year it invests in technologies, skills, innovations. Today his specialization is in the production of laminated, tempered and insulating glass.

MAPPI and Formator, a partnership born under the sign of excellence

The name Formator derives from a Latin word, which means “he who creates, he who invents”. Formator was born to produce and process special glasses. The immediate goal was to produce in order to export towards foreign markets and to focus on high-end projects.

Vitralum Glass Solutions: Mappi is our partner of perfection

Vitralum Glass Solutions is a “Frameless Glass Specialist” company in Central Florida, Orlando’s top pick with expert designers, prodigious architectural firms and successful construction companies, as well as thousands of home owners who have purchased from the company over the years.

MAPPI doesn’t stop

Mappi doesn’t stop. Also today a new installation is going to begin in the United States, the first containers arrived and another Mappi tempering furnace will soon be operating.

CAG, the leader of glass façades in South East Asia chooses Mappi

CAG, the leader of glass façades in South East Asia chooses Mappi to continue growing